Can I perm, color, foil or relax my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

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Can I perm, color, foil or relax my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

Yes, you can. However, Cyberhair has color and style memory, What you do to your own natural growing hair will be affected by these processes, but your Cyberhair will not. In fact, your Micro Point Solutions consultant can use different colors of Cyberhair to create special color effects in your own natural growing hair without subjecting it to some of these chemical processes.

Is it possible to have Micro Point Solutions match my hair color?

Yes, it can be matched very easily, as there are many colors available for Micro Point Solutions.

Does Micro Point Solutions only come in one texture?

Micro Point Solutions has two textures available, the Cyberhair as well as the textured Cyberhair for women of all ethnicity.

Will I need a special brush or comb for styling my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

Your Micro Point Solutions technician will provide you with a special brush for all your needs, and will recommend the proper tools for the procedure you have chosen.

Can I have my scalp massaged when I have Micro Point Link?

Yes you can have your scalp massaged. You can ask your certified Micro Point Solutions professional what type of massage would be best for your type of application.

Do I need to use special pillowcases and towels with Micro Point Solutions?

Special pillows and towels are not required, but to protect your investment, you can ask your certified Micro Point Solutions professional about the Satinique Pillowcase and Friction Free Towel, which will increase the life of any Micro Point Solutions procedure, as well as take stress off your own natural growing hair.

Do the Micro Point Solutions procedures need to be redone?

The Micro Point Solutions process can be a one-time “special occasion” procedure, or a long-term treatment for hair loss. All the procedures grow out as your natural hair grows. Depending on which procedure works best for you, we will see you as early as every four weeks or as late as every ten weeks, depending on the advice of your consultant/technician.

How do I know if I qualify for this process?

You really can’t be sure you’re a candidate for Micro Point Solutions until your qualified consultant/technician does a scalp and hair evaluation as part of your initial consultation. One of the trained Micro Point Solutions professionals will be able to tell you very quickly if you are a candidate, and to what degree Micro Point Solutions is an option for you. Please Contact Us to find a Micro Point Solutions certified trained professional in your area.

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